Sound Installations

A Tape End

It is an on-site sound installation consisting of multiple 1/4 inch tape recorders playing a very long quantity of magnetic tape. With the help of wheels and pulleys, a very large amount of magnetic tape is spread throughout the space. Each loop of tape being actually played by a recorder, a spatialized sound environment is thus created. The installation is completely adaptable to the space it is shown in.


Nuit Blanche -Brussels 2016


Résonnances exhibition -Brussels 2014

La plateforme Art Gallery – Paris 2014

Citysonics Sound Art Festival – Mons 2013

Ars Musica – Brussels 2014














It is a site-specific installation consisting of 4 hidden 1/4 inch tape recorders hidden in a square white wood box.

At the center of the box on top of a totem relies a 5tth tape recorder with its electronic components revealed to the eye.

Quantities of magnetic tape form geometric figures between the edges of a parallelepipoid.

The sound from the hidden tape recorders is very cavernous and and harrowing. The totem recorder plays a short loop of high frequencies scratches. It looks as if only the central recorder was playing the total amount of tapes.

Park in Progress – Mons 2014